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Contemporary Japanese Art and Crafts for British Homes

TOKONOMA offers a selection of beautiful contemporary Japanese art and craft pieces chosen to complement modern British living.

Pieces painstakingly handmade using artisanal skills handed down from generation to generation and which showcase the Japanese sense of beauty.

Ceramics, lacquerware, cast iron, bamboo and other traditional items chosen for their exquisite forms and superb craftsmanship.

TOKONOMA means alcove in Japanese. Found in almost every Japanese house they are used for the display of calligraphy, paintings, pottery, flower arrangements or other forms of art. They are the focal point of the interior decoration of a room and a symbol of the owners’ personal appreciation of art or spirituality.

Our Service

  • Sales of Japanese art and craft pieces through our website

  • Curation service for galleries and shops

  • Japanese style interior decoration consulting and sourcing service

  • Tableware coordination consulting and sourcing service

  • Order made gift consulting and sourcing service

  • Seminar planning and implementation

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How to Order

  1. Enquire using Contact Page


2. Reply from TOKONOMA in 1-2 working days
 (Stock availability, price and answers to any questions)


3. Customer places an order through email*


4. Confirmation email from TOKONOMA including order details, invoice


5. Confirm payment


6. Dispatch within 3 working days following confirmation of payment

*Please refer our T&C`s before placing an order 

Made to order

  1. Enquire from Contact Page


2. Discuss the order by email
(Feasible delivery date, price and other information)


3. Customer places an order through email upon agreement*


4. Confirmation email from TOKONOMA including order details, invoice


5. Confirm deposit payment
(50% of price excluding VAT)


6. Production


7. When ready contact customer and confirm the outstanding payment


8. Dispatch finished item at customers convenience

*Please refer our T&C`s before you place an order 

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Item Hire

All the TOKONOMA pieces are offered to rent subject to availability. 

Usage conditions to be agreed in advance.

Usage is limited to business use such as Interior/ Food Arrangement photo shooting or limited time rental for decoration at restaurants or hotels.

Please enquire about items and conditions.